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The Most Advanced Generation of Indoor Golf Simulator

The very latest in Golf Simulator technology, the GolfBlaster3D Golf System allows golfers to play on some of the most famous golf courses in the world and use their own standard golfing equipment.

Simulation software

GolfBlaster3D use a great new graphics engine reproducing golf courses in a high resolution with the ultimate level of reality.
Three dimensional objects such as houses,
bridges, clubhouses and other objects present on the golf course are integrated within the 3D graphics to provide the very best level of simulation.

Animated nature

The GolfBlaster3D software has been created using the very latest graphics engines to allow the display of natural elements such as trees and bushes the highest level of realism. Not only are they portrayed in the highest level of detail but also they demonstrate tremendous realism when reacting with the wind.
The GolfBlaster3D is so advanced and accurate. The system deploys a unique dual sensor tracking method that gathers information from both the golf ball and the club head. Therefore it is capable of detecting every possible kind of shot played with the ultimate of accuracy. Hooks, slices, fades, draws, lobs, pitches, putts etc are all reproduced with fantastic realism. We cannot imagine any other system having the same amount of accuracy and realism.

Accuracy of Simulation

Play, Teaching and Club-Fitting

The GolfBlaster3D allows golfers to enjoy every aspect of the real game, regardless of the weather. All the rules of golf are applied
within the software. The realism of the shots produced
are also perfect for teaching and club fitting.

Why GolfBlaster3D?

- Modern, visually attractive, part enclosed
  and versatile playing arena
- Ultra realistic ball tracking and unique
   dual system ball detection
- Super realistic ball reproduction
- Unique ball tracking camera views
- Detailed swing analysis
- Various fairway, rough and sand playing surfaces
- Revolutionary putting system for precision play
   and short putts
- The very latest 3D graphics engine
- Internet download facility for both upgrades
  and future golf courses
- Unique ultra bright, one piece, low noise and super 
  absorbent screen
- Cutting-Edge totally user friendly Technology
- Fun for whole family: golf for children, mini golf,
   demolition golf
- Very low maintenance

3D Nature

3D Move

3D Objects

3D FlyBy

3D Flight

3D Editor

3D Terrain

Example - 3D Golf Resort Karlstejn


and more ...

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